Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dude! Where's my car????

Mother nature has set a record here in my little hamlet of a record snowfall in 24 hours. We have about 26 inches on the ground right now and it's still snowing. Took my darling husband 4 1/2 hours just to shovel the driveway. Poor baby is exhausted. Hopefully it will stop here pretty soon. If you can see the fence across the road - that fence is 4 feet tall. The schools were closed today - the town has basically shut down to give the snowplows a chance. I bet they close the schools tomorrow too - which is a rarity in this town. I'm hoping to get some more QP's made tonight......


  1. LOL Love it. Wish we got that kinda snow. All the way around town they got dumped on but in town we got very little. Freaking cold, but not enough snow.
    I am jealous LOL

  2. Hi was a surprise to read your note..sounded so
    familiar...listened to it most of the day...
    I am just over the border in Idaho...north of
    PostFalls in Rathdrum...Since we are at the base
    of the mountain..we get lots more than either
    CDA or PostFalls,or Spokane...we love it here..and the snow..grew up with it in Mont..
    thanks for sharing these beautiful QP' what you do with the kits..Dollee